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To Keep Ganga Clean the puja's should not be performed on the bank of the river, do you agree? - Discuss

Ganga. The word Ganga reminds us its origin. Ganga is not an ordinary river like that of Thames in London or Amazon River having world recognition from various organizations because of their beauty and cleanliness. Ganga is a river which is connected with the emotions of the people of India and having religious significance. We come to know from the Hindu mythological that the origin of river Ganga was due to the prayer and devotion of King Bhagiratha who brought Ganga Devi flow from the jatau of lord Shiva and wherever the river Ganga is flowing are on the directions where the King travelled. The flow of the river Ganga from the Himalaya makes the people specially the Hindus offer religious respect to it. nowadays even non residential Indians comes here and stay at haridwar and other places near the bank of river Ganga and many times they perform rituals like any other Hindu people. The importance of river Ganga is devotional and being a culturally and religiously enriched country India we cannot ignore the system of Ganga puja. The puja near the river is the system rather a way to show respect and more importantly it is linked with the minds and souls of the people of Hindu religion. The puja near the bank of Ganga River cannot be stopped suddenly just because we cannot find other way to control the River from getting polluted. The pollution of the River is due to other indefinite reasons and not because of performing pujas. River gets polluted because of drainage of unfiltered sewage water of the city, drainage of chemical water from factories situated near the bank, dumping of all the unused chemical substances directly into the river which makes the river unhealthy for every other purposes like cultivation, drinking water, bathing, etc. so in no way to keep Ganga clean performing the pujas on the bank of the river would never do any harm.

The river is emotionally attached with all the people of India. Every morning people come to perform puja near the bank of river and in the evening they offers diya and flowers which in no way pollutes the river. Ganga is the river used in many purposes starting from worshipping to disposal of waste therefore keeping the river clean is the most important and difficult. Even if we try to clean by banning the pujas that are held near the river it cannot be a matter of a dream that doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Every year in Kolkata after Durga pujas there was the process of visarjan in the river which lead to excessive pollution of river but it has been stopped and now the left outs are removed from the river as soon as the idols are dropped into the river. In this way along with awareness and promotion of clean Ganga campaign proper processing of the things that are used in performing pujas are need to be undertaken by way of enforcing fines, placing many green police and volunteers near the bank of river; many sign boards, hoarding to be displayed everywhere. People need to know the importance and significance of clean river water. A huge percentage of people of India are ignorant of the importance of clean river water; they don't even know that their activities are leading the river water impure and dirty and unhealthy and inappropriate for the future generation to come. These things need to be changed and it will take lot of time. But. We have to try hard and new programmes and schemes need to be developed and implemented accordingly/simultaneously. By the way of banning or stopping the people of India which is mainly a Hindu country from performing puja may lead to disagreement and create a chaotic situation. Thereby I do not agree with the statement that to keep Ganga clean the puja's should not be performed on the bank of the river.

S. Paul

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