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To Keep Ganga Clean the puja's should not be performed on the bank of the river, do you agree? - Discuss

I do agree to the above statement
India is known as a region rich in culture, tradition and biodiversity, supporting world second largest population and millions of species of flora and fauna. And the elements that makes India a rich ecological nation are the Himalayas, the fertile plains, rich vegetation, deep forest cover and many, but apart from all the above the river nevertheless add to its richness, and among all the rivers in India river Ganga is considered to be one of the most sacred river believed not only to Hindus but by every religion across the globe. The 2525 km long river, originating from western Himalayas, flows with love and hope, energizing both eastern and western pats of India and finally falling in the Bay of Bengal.

The longest river in India may not rank first in the globe, in terms of length, but truly tops the list in terms of serving 40% percent of India's 12g billion population with no discrimination. But, with the passage of time , the growth of population and its demand is found to be directly proportional to the river Ganga's degradation, and thus today river Ganga formally top the list in terms of pollution level and we Indians bear the onus for it.

Numerous projects has been launched by the Government of India starting from the GANGA ACTION PLAN in 1986 to the NAMAMI GANGA in 2014 , with an objective to clean the mother Ganga, but since 1986 we have achieved excellence in many fields, except purifying our own mother. The reason for its failure is not only just the futile policies of our Govt. But the reluctance of us to follow those polices and to take responsibilities. No government can benefit its people , unless the accept its facilities, resulting the pollution of river Ganga has reached its zenith and one of the major cause for it is the puja's performed on the banks of rivers. Today every corner of India celebrate every festival with enthusiasm, thus truly representing the secular nation. But we always neglect the policies aftermath. After the completion of rituals we dispose all the related materials to the nearby river which directly or indirectly remains linked to major rivers including Ganga. Thus, we are paying homage to the almighty and at the same time abusing Ganga, considered as our Mother. So is it worth maintaining such traditions?

Besides , industrial wastes and other disposals, these festivals contribute to 16% of the pollution level in Ganga, endangering most of the valuable and heritage species of flora and fauna , dependent directly or indirectly upon the rivers, thus we are practically wasting our resources in every ways i.e. firstly, by maintaining such rituals along the river side, secondly, paying the govt. in river cleaning projects, last but not the least, destroying the nation's economy by destroying the tourism industry, and by degrading the eco sensitive zones which are mostly located on the river bank, attracting most of the foreign investments. Instead of doing this, we must distribute all those materials to those poor people residing on the banks of the river, which might fulfill their basic needs, thus in these way we will strengthen our own family i.e. INDIA.

River Thomas in England was in shams due to its pollution level, but the commoners along with their government worked in tandem and revived its sacredness. Therefore, it is not a big deal for 125 billion Indians to do the same.

It is universal truth that Ganga has served us for centuries with hope of no returns and our ancients also has done their duty ,i.e. its preservation so now it is our turn to perform the same duty, which will in every way benefit us and our future generation

Therefore, we must actively participate in the government campaigns to clean Ganga, because we are responsible for our own future.

Rohit Ghosh

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