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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

"Germination, the beautiful process, when the golden seeds are planted in the granular bed of life to generate more lives". Do we ever sow a seed and then thump on it? No! Because its life which needs care to grow more seeds on which our life swings. Then why the society and its policies are forming clouds to produce storms instead of rains? Children, they are just like these seeds they too would grow into a tree spread their branches and shower fruits to the nation. But they are being filled with heavy papers and books that cause logging and as a result the budding plant bends down.

What do you want to become? In a country like ours we are asked this question in every public gathering but mind it folks the question only comes with two options: ENGINEERS and DOCTORS. So this a compulsory question with restricted choices. Nowadays, the education is not considered as an art or science where the children used to learn by interactions with their gurus or teachers who primarily aimed at understanding and learning by doing.

Learning by doing is an old concept that is considered as practical in present curriculum but it is not! "Practicals" in modern school is a politics of filling more and more pages and buying models of various experiments in high prices from shops who have made this model making as their business but still children are forced to buy them to provide so called "homework bribes" to get A+ for a show off in the societies. This negative competition and constant burden from school, families and relatives has made these children vulnerable to depressions, insomnia, obesity and various such dreadful toxics. Prove me wrong when I say that, this is a war going on, where children are given such a treatment and shockingly the enemies are none other than our own society. Who doesn't know that a 4 year old child just can't make the high-tech projects that are issued to them by schools who take heavy fees to torture? Yes, we are so dumb that we are paying money to institutions to get our kids tortured. The one who deviates the road is called 'dumb' by the society and harassed by his school teachers and family members. If such child somehow manages to be a doctor don't you think this doctor would release negativity and act aggressively? Will this doctor learn to be patient with his patients? No! Never! And the ones facing distress are also the society. So this cycle is not ejecting professionals but an individual with no individuality!

The schools are now shifting to e-learning and smart classes which the parents see as an ease but you are mistaken. These come with more heavy blocks when the student is given assignments to write with their keyboard and project on screens they do forget to blink and eyes do water. This has led to week eyesight of one child in every count of four. Moreover headaches, lack of sleep have changed their cycles of life. The technology has made their bags heavier than the books though they seem to be Compaq but they are as heavy to make them drown in mud not bloom or grow. The concept of learning, understanding and the application of the knowledge in the lives is what we have to teach instead of teaching the new ways to cram and become robots rather than a human. Because robots may fail when conditions are not optimum but an individual who is made free from pressures and extrinsic forces is the one who will do well even in the adverse condition.

As an agricultural student, we study that a seed has vigour when it grows even when the conditions are not favourable but a seed will remain dormant at right time even if showered with all favourable conditions, if not properly harvested, treated or stored. And these heavy bags are producing dormant ones for sure.

Arushi Arora