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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

The school bags are really getting heavier; that's true. Now-a-days students are under massive mental pressure than the older days. There is always a beginning of the story, let it be started from here........

After birth of a child the parents are determined to make their children perfect in every aspect, immaterial to them what they desire. Hence, they are plunged into a massive competition everywhere. Since last decade of 20th century, the students are facing that type of mental pressure from the very beginning of their unsprouted life. At the age of 2 to3 years, they are attending play-schools, tuitions, while they should stay at home and learn from their parents, surroundings and relatives, with greater effect; easily available with little expenses. Where the competition of being top or achieving the peak is already a headache, the gradually increasing population is provoking it simultaneously. It is a fact that there is not a lot of scope of success for every kind of students; as an example, there will always be students of different merits, even though the merit cannot only be judged upon the marks or the percentage every time, also the process of determination is not equal everywhere (even in one district). The different authorities sieve the students in different ways, making it too difficult to determine the true potential of a candidate. Present system of education compels the students dependent on the marks, here the ball starts rolling, the race of establishment, the race of achieving wealth, plenty of it, everyone fasten their seatbelts - ready to race or they will be 'broken like an egg'. Consequently, the pressure of the study has arisen, though it is a fact that now-a-days, aspects of study has enlarged its periphery, as did the modern kids. They have to study a bunch of subjects, specialized branches of the main stream; the technique of teaching is also travelled a lot. There is also physical reasons for burdening the school bags, the modernized techniques reflected by the books, the data representation, vibrancy of colours, illustrations made the books attractive to the school goers, most of whom have lesser interest for the studies due to the nature of that age. That type of psychological tricks worked very well and added some more weight to the school bags. In this context, we can diagnose the matter from another angle. Exercise books are issued in bundles of them at least 4 for each subject; class work, home work, periodical tests and more; God only knows, how many, 'In the interest of specialization'. Shaking away the hopelessness, we must observe that the ever advancing science have unveiled a new horizon of study, the audio-visual classes attract more students, eager to learn more and reduce bogging the mind and bags as well.

The universal phenomenon 'Nothing is full proof', applies here consequently. Developing countries like ours doesn't have enough resources to spread such advancement to every corner; there are some physical and social barriers also. Until the rays of the sun of new dawn touches us, we have to stick to the convenient methods of study; with the heavy bags upon the weak shoulders.

This pushing the new generations towards various kind of sufferings like diabetes (Type-1), obesity, depression, back-pains, spinal injuries and various degeneration of health, make them vulnerable to the seasonal hazards. Now-a-days, kids don't have the time for their own, to play, to enjoy the childhood, treading through the grass-fields, chasing the ball or running across the field after giving a hard hit to a ball; they rather rejoice in the virtual world of computer or simulation games, which doesn't help to pull down the stress level at all. They don't learn how to be social and they develop little knowledge of team work, which can only be achieved by playing real games on real fields instead of the virtual ones.

The school-goers are yet to assess what is good for themselves, so, the parents and/or authorities should be more attentive towards lessening the burden and let them live at their own, at least, let them know the world other than just his own family and self. The government also should do some effective reconstructions to the education system, starting from the grass root level, and discontinue using the students as guinea-pigs.

In the conclusion, it is desirable that a well planed, well developed infrastructure of primary education system brings a brighter future to our upcoming generations which will illuminate the future path of progress of our country, and the seeds of this stressful society will remain un-sprouted.

Akash Banerjee