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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

From the topic, it may be mistaken that the school bags get heavier due to the load of the books and copies, a child is carrying. Rather, the topic implies "the child's life is getting burdened with more number of subjects as compared to his age". If you see this at surface level, this seems right. But if you go deeper into the topic, you would feel the importance of the educational curriculum for children. Look at the children of villages who play all the day with blank mind. How many of them have remarkably contributed to the society? A very few, who are really hardworking. In contrast, look at all the great men, if not born prodigy, try to become so from their very childhood. A child is like a soft mud, they can be shaped in any way. If they are not guided in a proper way, they can even use their energy in negative purposes. As per eminent biologists, a child's maximum brain development takes place by the age of 5.

Many people are heard saying that their children are overburdened with projects and homework. First of all, this type of reaction of parents in front of their children is wrong as it demotivates the children. This negative thoughts about our educational system when gets induced into the child's brain, drains their enthusiasm. Secondly, if at all, the project or homework is above the standard of the child, the parents should help them in completing it. This type of continuous process of learning will help the children to get independent and handle their own further jobs. It is not like not showing pity on the small children. Let us think about this situation practically. If a small child can switch on a laptop and browse internet, why can't he be taught to do small computer programs? As popularly stated by Audrey Hepburn, the eminent British actress, "Nothing is impossible, as the word itself says I'm possible". Coding in computer science is usually considered difficult by students. Its main reason is, 'children might have seen a desktop since their childhood but they learn about it in details very late. Though they might have used pen-drives a lot many times, have never tried to explore why a 32 GB pen-drive has a memory-space 1-2 GB less than 32. They refresh a computer a number of times and might have 1000 times refreshed it in their life time but they are unaware why they do so? Let us take a simple example. When we leave a baby in water, how is it able to swim? Did the mother give him training when he was in her womb. No. Human beings, the social animals have been gifted by a wonderful ability by the god to adjust in any environment by improving their adaptability. So, nothing is difficult in this world and nothing is a burden. This world is a mirror. It reflects to us the same way we look into it. It depends on our way of perception.

It does not mean we should overload the child in every way to get better results in future but as parents and teachers we can do two simple things. Firstly, we can present education to children in a way that is of their interest so that they can love it. Secondly, we can encourage the students to stay a step ahead of their own level. This will always grow a habit of continuous development in the mind of the children. We can consider a small child as a seed, guardians can be considered as its water and sunlight and projects as its minerals from the ground. So, projects can be devised using the guidance of the professional educationists to make the present days education a great success.

What makes our human life precious is our marvelous brain. We have an ability to cultivate compassion in a way that no other being can do. Finally, it's the perception what matters stated in the popular quote of Charles Darwin "But a plant on the edge of a deserts is said to struggle for life against the drought, though more properly it should be said to be dependent upon the moisture."

Reeva Mishra