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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

A school bag has a lot to do with the overall development of a child. Considering the topic in a broader perspective, we have to emphasize on various factors responsible for transforming the life of a creative student into a responsible citizen. "Todays students are tomorrows citizens" and "schools are temples of education" where they mold the students into civilized citizens of tomorrow. "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world" hence children should be well trained for tomorrows better world. India has very ancient civilization where it was the seat of knowledge for the entire world. Gurukul system of education flourished where students devoted part of their life in presence of Guru to acquire good quality education with ethical, moral and social values.

"Time and tide waits for none" and one has to keep in phase with modern technology to sustain and win the race in the present day competitive world. Accordingly as per the need of the situation, students are to be well trained with updated scientific and technological concepts without compromising childhood benefits including their play time with friends, relatives and nature which makes them physically and mentally fit.

Present day scenario is more of application type involving multidisciplinary fields, hence knowledge of multidisciplinary aspects is necessary to be inculcated in young brains, and this is making their school bags heavy or in other words increasing their curriculum. Parallely education system has to be changed. It should not create a competitive atmosphere while learning basics. Inherent ability should be marveled but not with competitive race. We should remember that "What we learn with pleasure we never forget" and the similar approach should be followed to teach the students.

Virtually considering the heaviness of school bags, it can be well planned in such a way that children carry only few books. Parents should remember that "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth" hence it is the duty of the parents to plan and guide their children to carry only essentially required books. As we observe today that most of the books can be left at school itself and rest of the books can be left at home, only working books can be carried. It depends on parents and school management to safeguard the books of the students and there by school bags can be made light but regarding curriculum, children have to learn as many subjects as per the need of the situation because learning would be interesting in the younger age and children grasp subjects well than the adults and hence school education is important.

It is understood that a plant has to be essentially taken care at three crucial stages, first at seedling stage, second at vegetative stage and third at the reproductive stage. Seedlings are best taken care in present day society but problems and stressful society emerges when vegetative and reproductive stages are not taken care. Here seedling stage is primary education, vegetative stage is secondary education and reproductive stage is graduation and post- graduation. We don't have well planned education at secondary and tertiary levels. There are less job oriented courses. Industry and research are not in proper coordination, rather research oriented courses and jobs are very meager. Government is very slow in recruiting many of the vacant posts in universities. India has the highest human resources in the world and unfortunately we are not able to manage them properly. With the ever growing population, unemployment had become a major problem and here are the seeds for a stressful society but not in the bags of school children.

Hence as the plant should be taken care at the very crucial stages, unemployment should be properly addressed with proper human resource management by distributing human resources in different potential areas which are not concentrated at the rate they are supposed to be concentrated.

Saikrishna Repalli