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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

'INDIA' a country constantly exploring, evolving and transgressing in all the intellectual fields available, with the aims of becoming a developed power in coming years. With the periodical inclination towards the self determined goals, more and more resources are needed to carry the objectives ahead. So is the situation with human resource. The country has the most abundant population between the age group of 15 to 54 i.e. more than 51%. Because of this reason, India is considered as �The Young Country'.

As the country is still struggling to uplift the population above the poverty line. The basic necessities of Food, Shelter and clothing are still incomplete. So, still being a young country, a substantial percentage of population is illiterate. This is where the threat lies for a developing country and it is because of this, the load is getting over those who are educated or educating the masses. As the competition among the educated class is rising every day, more and more stress is laid upon the education sector. Every parent wants their children to get finest and highest level of education as possible. If we look at the last 2 years records, candidates entering or filling the Civil Services examination, we can easily make out the level of competition among the students. Similar is with the other entrance exams, and because of this rising stiff competition, parents and education institutes want their students to excel in the education and this is how the burden is getting over the students at different segments of education level.

The human tendency, to be the best among others has both pros and cons. Pros reflects the refinement of intellectual person and cons would be the stress and pressure which children faces right before they born. Specifically talking about Indian families, it is a well known fact that most families already have immanence of the child�s future career the instant he/she takes the very first breathe. We try to enroll children as early as possible in schools, and there too we stand is long queues. The competition arises from the nursery itself, and eventually multiplies with higher factor ahead. It doesn�t amaze us when children carries heavy bags full of books and notebooks, as our notion suggests that better studies are directly proportional to the number of books. Apart from that, we try to boost up the child�s after schooling, by enrolling him or her to co-curricular activities like dance classes, music, sports, etc. with the further addition of private or group tuition classes later on. The above said culture has gain an eminence in the Indian society, and somehow parents feel it reflects the excellence.

Furthermore, another striking feature which is quite prevalent is that parents want to feel superior in front of their neighbors, colleagues and relatives. They like boasting about the excellence of their sons and daughters. And this adds up one more responsibility and a considerable pressure over the heads of children to perform better. Not many children have their own say to their prospective careers, as they have already been decided. That is why, most of children around are enrolled to either engineering or medical institutes rather than being into other prosperous fields.

Considering this over a greater extent, societies are not alone to be blamed. It is more responsibility of the government to have a sound educational structure, lagging of which the society�s outlook comes out with the above factors. If there are enough quality educational institutes, there will be less competition. It is hard to imagine the minute presence of the elite educational institutes yearly enrolment than to the prospective students awaiting admissions. And this makes us understand more soundly the effect of these deficiencies which ultimately loads up the children. In order to have a sound future of children and the country, we should relook the governing factors which moulds up the child.

Child is like a blossom flower, which if over watered might disinfect the flower back. So is with the child, if we over burdened them at such an early phase of life they might become resistive to the environment and not nurture as per expectations.

Nitin Thakur