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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

Well the observation is perceiving only half truth! There is absolutely no doubt that stress has seeped into every aspect of our life and in the highly competitive scenario of today, it is inevitable.

Our school pupils too have not been spared and have to endure enormous amount of pressures - but the weight of the school bag (literally) or the depth of the school curriculum (implicitly) is not the cause of it. Truly, the fingers are being pointed in the wrong direction.

Today's generation has a much greater exposure to information, the process of sharing which has been revolutionized through e- communication. As a consequence the realms of their minds have expanded beyond the horizon and their curiosity is insatiable. It is therefore extremely essential that their inquiring minds be channelized in the right direction through activities and projects. These assignments impel the student to gather information study their topic thoroughly, assemble and organize the facts collected into files or power point presentations. The entire process proves to be extremely beneficial for the student and involves a positive use of information and technology. This is the methodology of creative teaching and learning and encourages the habit of remaining in the pursuit of knowledge. Viewing these activities as an academic burden under which the potential of the youth is being suppressed is a top sided view point.

All the additional, extra curricular activities introduced in the schools are diligently planned efforts by the education experts to bring about an all round personality development of the children and catalyze their transformation into competent global citizens.

The stress factor actually radiates from the anxiety among the parent community in context to the struggle that begins as the students step out of the schools. The entire scenario of vehement chase for marks on account of limited seats in the sought after professional colleges and low success rates causes the mental unrest and induces stress. The blatant truth that it is a race after all and our best may not be good enough and our helplessness at having absolutely no control over the preparedness and performance of the others weighs heavily on the minds and translates into pestering the children to produce results.

But many will bear testimony to the fact that this attitude is counterproductive. Building unnecessary stress only serves to reduce the efficiency and diminishes the confidence. In such situations it is the responsibility of the elders and the experienced to be forthcoming in their support and guidance and encourage the youngsters to focus on self improvement rather than the competition. A steady routine of quality study time, aspiring to seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge is the simple solution to this complex problem. After all there is more to success than acquiring a coveted position!

Babita Palta