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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

Gradually the environment has changed. India became the highest populate country with largest number of youth population in the world (256 million approximately). But the current economic developement of India is not growing in the required rate. Unemployment stands like a major problem. To achieve a right livelyhood peoples are struggling enough. Right education could be the rescuer but VYAPAM or many other socio economic scam hits the ground in India. In such an environment to achieve your goal you must have the cent percent perfection which makes the competition very difficult day by day. The survey placed India in 55th rank in World Hunger Index and 135th rank in Human development index. Presently we have the education system like Pre School, Nursery school, Toddler's school in addition to primary school and others. Government had introduced schemes like Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA), Mid Day Meal, and Anganwadi Kendra which are capable of attracting the children to school. Some of our gurdains send their child to private sector schools. All the efforts are to make our child perfect to cope with the present competition. Thus India is able to succeed the rank ahead in Human Development index but our children are not getting the proper ingredients instead they are losing their health because of improper curriculum of the schools.

The authorities of the schools, government as well as the guardians are unaware of the health condition of the child. Because of the unscientific curriculum and syllabus students are bound to carry heavy backpacks to schools daily.

The literature reveals a fact that only 10-15% of the total body weight is the permissible level for any backpack for a child. But our children are carrying more than the limit. The research also says that the majority of backpain reported by our childrens are due to the heavy school bags. This datas are experimental and accepted world wide. The constant carriage of heavy bag on imatured shoulder may result Scheuermann's disease (a disease due to which growth of spine inhibits), shoulder injury, joint injury and spondylolysis too.

This shows that we are planting the seed, the future generation of our dream society to a panic situation. When the bud will reach the season to flourish with flowers and fruits, they will fill the effect of their unscientific school days, the heavy bags. They will be undeclared handicap in the near future where 'health is wealth' statement may fail.

Newtons's third law says "Every action has equal and opposite reaction". But our action to send our child to school is a good action. In return we must expect good result for the goodness of mankind. The result of our action must follow the law of reflection where light falls on the mirror and reflects back from the point of incidence.

To minimise the health risk we shall try to find out some way. The authoriy can arrange locker system for each student attached to their desk where they will keep their study materials locked and return home with the advised load of home works and syllabus only. Otherwise daily syllabus should be such that the bag is packed with the scientific load only. Hope for the best.

Bhabesh Kumar choudhury