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The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?.

The above rhetoric reminds me of very famous saying from Bible- "As you sow, so shall you reap." Very equivalent to it is our life. Behaviour of person in the society depends upon the morals, ethics he learns at home and school in the early stages of his life. Out of this school impinges more. Every parents want their child to become the part of competition right from juvenility to concrete his future. Sub Rosa to this caring nature they are laying the onus of much work from babyhood only. It may affect human augmentation in some cases and contingently to the society as whole.

It may be misunderstood that the term-'School bags gets heavier' is stating about materialistic heaviness (due to books, copies etc.), but indeed the term is both complex and emotive. It is complex because it consists of many facet of heaviness such as due to books and copies or it may be due to competition or over expectations of parents. It is emotive because it beholds the emotions of students, of both who succeeds in the race and one who falls prey to it. This kind of 'Heavy School Bags' have both physical and psychological repercussions. Doctors found that 70% of students suffering from back pain, spinal problems have heavy school bags as the cause. Another is psychological imbalance that may be conceived in the view of inability to cope up with the external stimulus. Sometimes it may be unavailability of the resources to remain resume to the competitors who are 'stressor' in true sense.

Next question in the mind arises- "What does stressful society actually means?" Root theories behind it says that this vogue has upsurge due to the search for happiness, satisfaction and sense of wellbeing instead of enjoying the present times. This is not something every generation wanted. All generations manifest search of happiness differently. In the era of freedom struggle, people found happiness in devoting themselves to struggle. Likewise the happiness of 80's or 90's may be different. I don't really know it and should I worry for it that I too don't know. Hmm!!That's too stressful. They did it very simply by just experiencing the period in which they were born without searching for the happiness that existed in the past. This is what every parents should anticipate in case of their heavy school bag-takers. The main reason behind it is the heavy competition- the culprit in which you always got to better than everybody else. Conscious mind of parents wants their child to be first-rated from the young hood only as if they are running the corporate and not family. If the parents are forcing the child to do against his will then it's certainly the 'sophisticated way of child labour' which is a crime and it is obvious to have stresses in such criminal society.

Most of the times stress comes from trying to be or do something or not being or doing something. This contingently leads to depression, bipolar disorders, suicide etc. As per the report from NY Times- 'number of American children and adolescents treated for bipolar disorder has increased 40 fold from 1993-2003.' In assertion to it, Child Development Council of US stated that a total of 13-20% of children living in US experience mental disorder in the given year and surveillance has shown the prevalence of these conditions increasing. On the ground of these statistics it can be stated that US has already planted the stressful seeds. It would not be exaggeration to say that India will even adopt this vogue under the name of westernization if the proper insurance is not provided to the kids. Germination and nurturing of the kids should be done accordingly.

The optimal way to weed out this problem is to let the kids to owe happiness on their own instead of forcing them to hunt for happiness. Pinpoint the talent in each child and provide them platform to explore themselves. Make time for fun and relaxation. Have the life full of Sweetness as STRESSED is reversed by DESSERTS. It is important to do it in child phase only because if the seed germinates properly, so will be the fruit-"A Stress less society!"

Kartik Patel