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What Aam Admi Party means to a common Indian?

There is a wind of change that has started blowing in Indian politics with the emergence of a political party called Aam Admi Party in Delhi assembly election in the end of 2013 has taken the entire country under its wings.

What a debut this party has had in Delhi. Who have thought that a year old party will shake the foundations of the politics in Delhi?

Aam Admi party Arvind Kejriwal commenting on his party's triumph said that this was the victory of the common man. His statement was true to its core.

Aam Admi Party has emerged as a ray of hope for the common Indian. A hope to end dirty politics in our country, a hope of ending corruption, a hope of making the common man the real game changer, a hope for reducing the price rise and inflation.

Aam Admi party's reason for success was they spoke the mind and hearts of each Indian and they have completely identified with the common Indians.

When all other parties were organizing huge rallies to lure the voters, the leader of Aam Admi party Arvind Kejriwal was cleaning the streets of Delhi along with his party members with a broom, his party symbol. This may sound a political stunt but in reality it turned out to be more effective than spending crores in organizing election rallies.

Similarly, unlike the leaders of others political parties who acted and behaved like a VIPs, the leaders of Aam Admi Party behaved like a common man.

Whereas the leaders of other parties hardly step out of their SUV's, the leaders of Aam Admi Party were seen on rickshaws! Yes, on rickshaws.

People want their leaders to be always approachable which never seemed possible. The leaders of the Aam Admi party made this happen and were available at any beck and call. This is the most stellar thing, where leaders of the other political failed and where the leaders of the Aam Admi delivered.

Every Indian wants the politics to be transparent. They want to know about each and every step taken by their leaders. They want to know how their leaders are spending the huge amount of money given to them by the government for welfare projects.

In short the people want transparency in the system. This is something where majority of the political parties have failed. The transparency in functioning was one of the major selling points of the Aam Admi Party.

The Aam Admi party has now given the country the third option to choose from and it is just not the Congress and the BJP.

The Aam Admi Party has brought fresh air in Indian politics. Everyone wants to inhale that air. People want to be associated with the AAP, to work for them day in and day out.

Aam Admi Party means a ray of hope for common people who feel now they can get their basic rights. That's why people are looking for a change.

Aam Admi party to people means a party which can seriously control the ever increasing inflation that made the life of the common very difficult.

Aam Admi Party means a party which truly represents the common man of India, their hopes, their needs, their desires, their aspirations.

Aam Admi Party stands for a rule by the common man of India. Aam Admi Party seems to be the party that can usher in the rule of governance according to the wishes of common man. The common hopes that the sun that has risen from Delhi may spread its sunshine all over India.

Kamal Duggal