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A common Indian is the one who vote for their trusted candidates and send them to the legislature so that they can make laws to fulfill their basic needs. The elected persons in turn are misusing their powers and adding to the miseries to the common man. As a result common Indian is now facing considerable hardship and is a frustrated lot.

Common man is fed up of different- different taxes like VAT, CST, property tax etc. The constant price hike of essential commodities has broken its backbone. It wants work, electricity, water, education, health, security and lot of other such things to lead a comfortable life.

This is not happening due to the fact that since long time only two parties' Congress and BJP are dominating the political scene. The corrupt leaders of these two parties are indulging in many scams to provide benefit to themselves and to their relatives and friends. They do not wsant to do what the common man (aam admi) likes them to do.

So now people are looking for a change. This they see in the form of Aan Admi Party lead by Arvind Kejriwal.

A common Indian has many hopes from the Aam Admi Party. Aam Admi party means the reestablishment of sawraj that Gndhiji preached. They now think that they will not have to struggle for basic needs.

People are taking these ideas as a movement to get rid of corruption in the country. A common Indian who in unable to get their work done in government offices without corruption is now feeling very much comfortable as Aam Admi Party has announced helpline to fight corruption.

People are feeling secure with the Aam Admi Party. They are enthusiastic about AAP as now they will have personnel contacts with the ministers of different departments. The removal of the VIP culture has enhanced the self esteem of the common man.

The decision related to women and child development, electricity, water, house holdings, health facilities, education and other things by the Aam Admi is in favor of common man.

It is hoped that the Aam admi party will stop the foreign retail market entry into India to secure Indian commerce and save the common man.

The wrong decision taken by Congress government opened up the retail market to foreign multi-brand retailers, permitting them own up to a 51% stake in local ventures.

As the major promoter of capitalist system in India, the right wing Hindutva party the BJP seeks 100 foreign involvements in Indian economy and pushing for foreign supermarkets. This is not beneficial for common man.

It is hoped that Aam admi party's politico-economic experiment will reshape the government of Delhi and other states as well.

Common Indians are eager to trust their leaders who are genuinely sympathetic to their concerns. They have trusts on the Aam admi Party will bring a big change in the country.

So the common Indian has faith in the Aam Admi Party that it will give second independence to the country.

Vinod Kumar Garg

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