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What Aam Admi Party means to a common Indian?

Some common Indians along with a social activist Arvind Kejriwal started a political party which is ruling Delhi since December 25, 2013. Arvind Kejriwal who is an IITan and an IRS Officer, who disliked corruption prevailing within the government, joined Anna Hazare for anti-corruption movement.He started a party named Aam Aadmi Party on November 2012, with campaigning symbol "Broom" that symbolised to clean corruption in the system.

The debutant party made a great entry during the Delhi legislative assembly elections and grabbed 28 seats out of 70 seats.As a result of this victory, many personalities and celebrities started joining the AAP party.

Since the APP became the second major party in the state assembly, and the first was in short of majority, it was asked to form the government that it did with the support of the Congress.

Since the very second day in office, the AAP began to satisfy the demands of the people.It started supplying 666 litres of free water to every household.It cut down the power tariffs and requested CAG to audit the power providers accounts.

Intensifying anti-corruption measures, Arvind Kejriwal took the decision asking people to contact the party if they came across any corruption.Within 36 hours, 23,000 phone calls were received and more than 8,000 were resolved.


Another brilliant idea of the AAP was its "Janata Darbhar".Here the APP leaders will visit the common people at a particular place and listen to their grievances and try to address them.


Many such innovative measures were taken by the AAP to show their loyalty to the people who them o power. Since Independence, none of the political parties have done any such kind of action related to governance.
However, there were some grey spots in AAP too.For instance, in fighting and misunderstanding within the party.Vinod Kumar Binny who was not given a ministerial berth alleged Arvind Kejriwal as a "Dictator".
Nonetheless, Aam Aadmi party has become the cynosure of all Indians. It definitely means a ray of hope to the common Indian.

Arihara Sudhan