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Aam Aadmi party by the name itself means a party for a common man. For the country that is still in the shackles of poverty, corruption and illiteracy, the Aam Aadmi party has been seen as wave of new hope. The basic foundation stone on which the party gained its momentum is the corruption that is prevalent in almost all sections of the governmental and public sector agencies.

The party's symbol is broom that aptly represents its intention and aim to sweep out the corruption. For a common man it means an era of new horizon. It boasts about implementing various welfare schemes that other parties have just implemented on paper. It aims at delivering rather than making laws for namesake. It has just recently shown in Delhi, how it is dedicated for the common people.

Just from the day zero of the inception of Aam Aadmi party to power in Delhi, the party has started delivering its manifesto. It has reduced the prices of electricity and brought about the innovative giveaway of free water up to 700 litres to every household.

One can view this giveaway innovative by understanding the following.

Water is a scarce resource, in other words there is often a shortage of water. By giving 700 litres of free water, the common man who is basically concerned about free usage would be more likely to start using water in a more efficient way to escape the water bills. Thus this can lead to better and judicious use of the water resources. There can be other advantages too, for instance there may be illegal water stealing in some areas, such free water scheme can lead to requests for the installation of new water connections thus curbing the water loss menace due to water stealing. Thus such welfare schemes with great in-depth innovativeness can lead to conservation and judicious use of resources.

Further, its other elements in the manifesto target for a better system. The issues vary from implementing Jan Lokpal bill to regularisation of unauthorized colonies, removal of contract labour and many others, the prime focus still being Aam Aadmi. It has brought a renaissance in the political system, with bringing about a system wherein people's voice is command to the government.

The Aam Aadmi party has brought a sense among other parties that voters really value their vote and there is a dire need to shift from their existing old fashioned ideologies which were once used to woo the voters. The party has made it clear from the Delhi assembly elections, that even if there is a party which has its roots with our independence and nationalism, that too would not be spared, because Aam Aadmi is one that is fuelled with motivation, enthusiasm and he/she wants and believes in true change, that is free from the corruption.

However, the true testimony of the Aam Aadmi party lies ahead in the coming months on the reaping of the success of aam-aadmi schemes and policies. The counter point of view towards Aam Aadmi party suggests that party's manifesto is too utopian to implement all the elements mentioned. In reality, the provision of free water and reduction of electricity bills, have further aggravated the debts of the already loss making power companies and Delhi Jal Board. And these may really hurt the government's treasury. There may be miscalculations that may have devastating effect on the economy. Further, the recent spike on the issue of making reservations of 90 percent of the seats of the colleges of universities of Delhi, to the Delhities, further challenges the Aam Aadmi party's attitude towards the common man and even challenges the spirit of cosmopolitan nature of the city and moreover the national capital.

Raghuram R Bachu

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