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What Aam Admi Party means to a common Indian?

After a long time, Delhi has got a fresh face as a Chief Minister from a completely new political party formed merely a year ago. It was the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

ArvindKejriwal,a former Indian Revenue officer and one of the foremost supporters of social worker Anna Hazare's led India Against Corruption movement(IAC),along with other members of IAC formed AAP after a 9 day hunger strike in the Ramlila Maidan of Delhi for passing the Lokpal Bill.

AAP outran Congress from the race to form government when it secured 28 seats in a 70 member Delhi state assembly. This was a glorious win for the party which was barely a year old.

Although the Bhartya Janta Party (BJP) managed to secure more seats than the AAP but it was short of majority, hence AAP was asked the form the government, that they did with the Congress support.

AAP started like a movement in Delhi where thousands of people gathered to support the party formation and keeping up the momentum it eventually rose to rule Delhi in just about one year. The synergy it generated continued to gain pace in other of the parts of the country where AAP made inroads as well.

AAP managed to seek attention of the people after it exposed some big political scams by some well known BJP and Congress leaders. For instance it exposed Rs 76 lakh scam in Uttar Pradesh involving current Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid. This was regarding distribution of equipments to the handicapped under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

The second biggest exposure by AAP was of former BJP's president Nitin Gadkari regarding his unaccounted assets. AAP held media attention because whatever exposure it made seemed to be true when proper investigations were made.

However, even then no proper legal action was carried against the accused and they were left untouched. All this touched the heart of the common people. They stated relating themselves to the AAP. They were convinced that there is ongoing corruption going on a large scale in the country.

The common people started believing that slow growth rate of India's economy; infrastructure and other development are due to huge corruption in the political system.

Failure of the Congress led government to reduce inflation, price rise, unemployment, poverty etc added to the people's anger.
AAP started gathering momentum at mass level when they decided to contest for the Delhi state assembly elections.

AAP made some catchy promises like sweeping out the corruption from the political system, making the government more accountable and accessible to the public. They even announced that senior government officials would abandon all luxury and live like common man. All these promises attracted common people imagination.

AAP members did several things that gained sympathy,like visiting each house in the Delhi and NCR region providing them with solutions to their problems.

Common people started feeling that measures adopted by AAP were the most appropriate and this could be an alternative in politics to the Congress and the BJP.

After forming the government in Delhi within 48 hours AAP made some big declarations like making 700liter/day water free of cost, cut down the electricity cost to nearly half etc.


These acts of AAP on delivering on to the poll promises caught the attention of the whole nation. They continue to enjoy the support of people of the countrymen as a party that could address the issues of common man. This is a huge good will they have earned. They will continue to be in reckoning because the promises made. Once they lose this good will, it may be curtains for them.

Aman Kumar Pandey

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