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On 8th December, 2013 amidst high profile political drama during the ballot counts Delhi experienced an entirely new outcome. The result showcased the strong desire to clean up the stagnated filth of the system and give AAP a chance to do this.

The AAP BY securing 28/70 seats caught the eyeballs of every individual as it crippled the other political parties to form the government.

The political pundits were astonished with the results and devoted themselves to over stretched sessions on TV news channels dissecting the rationalism behind AAM party's victory.

This success of AAP has a profound impact on the common citizen. Common Indian considers the success of AAP with a positive outlook. He sees this success as an alteration of the Indian traditional and orthodox voting mindset and a cementation of true democracy.

For a long time common man has wasted his precious votes on religious, communal and caste lines but AAP have convinced them to cast votes of their annoyance to hopes of development.

AAP leader Arivind Kejriwal sounded rebellious and criticized the incumbent Congress government on every single point and also sent a clear message to all the political parties to be on their toes and never underestimate common man.

The victory of AAP has sent the message that the big parties and popular leaders too have to spend more time in their constituencies and focus on problems of development. Shying away from responsibilities and putting the blame on other factors will not help.

The AAM party has earned goodwill arising due to resentment and hatred for the Congress party. If we look at their manifesto we see many things that might have tempted the common voters as well.

AAP believes in swaraj which aims at delivering power directly to the people. It's another promise was the Jan lokpal bill to punish the offenders and wrong doers. In addition, general problems like electricity, water, transport, environment, security, education, health and justice were well addressed in the manifesto.

Even though the AAP may be idealistic in its manifesto but it caught the imagination of the people and uplifted their morale. It gave the people an alternative to choose a political party that promises to deliver. So let us learn the lessons from the AAP, at least that's what everyone feels.

Kumar Gaurav

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