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Since 2013 India is witnessing surprisingly some strange changes like, political leaders fighting among themselves to be more down to earth, and giving more importance to the basic needs of the common people.

Such a remarkable change in attitude of politicians and faith in common man has as its roots in the rise and victory of Aam Aadmy Party (AAP) in Delhi.

So far the choice of common man was influenced either by legacy, sympathy or community that was abhorred by the common man. This dissatisfaction of common man was actually the genesis of the formation of the AAP.

Moreover, the complete change in attitude that AAP introduced seeking the opinion of common man for their problem was entirely new concept for the Indian democracy.

AAP behaved as if they have understood the problems faced by the common man much better. Their concerns like price hike and basic needs like water and electricity etc struck a natural chord with the common man.

While majority of the political parties and leaders kept themselves away from the public, except during elections, AAP gave full emphasis for working with people.

AAP could create a strong belief among the people that they are one among them and working for them. Right from the choice of name and symbol of the party to the working strategy and policies, AAP tried to have the common people on its side.

This was a new development. People of India had hardly seen a political party behaving like this. AAP leader Arvind Kejariwal had once mentioned that in India only people with money and muscle power can only come into politics and he wants to change this system. Within a year, he proved that democracy lies above both these powers and efforts of common man can make tremendous changes.

The impression of politics being a game open only for uneducated people above 50 has also changed with the rise of AAP. It also changed the thinking that politics is only the domain of established political families.

With the rise of AAP a new generations has emerged that cut across the barrier of age or family background etc. AAP succeeded in creating faith among public particularly the youth to think on these lines.

There is little doubt that the AAP phenomenon is now crossing the borders of Delhi and spreading all over India.

Eminent personalities from different sectors are joining the AAP. The party's decision to contest 300 Lok Sabha seats are clear indicator of this trend.

Even though such kind of political trend was seen earlier also, like the rise Janatha party in 1977 but it could not sustain for long time.

This leads to the most important question; will the AAP continue to be a ray of hope of the common people for a long time to come or will it another bubble burst? The answer to this lies in future of Indian politics, rather in the future of India itself.

So the real struggle for the AAP is yet to begin. Since they have raised the expectations of people they need to prove that they can deliver on all fronts.

There is skepticism that taking advantage of the popularity of AAP, power hungry creatures may creep into the party. Will AAP be able to filter its membership? Can they setup teams all over India, similar to the one they had in Delhi? Can they fight the two major political rivals and stand by the side of people always? There are many such doubts brewing in the minds of the people.

Notwithstanding the facts, if we go by the current momentum, AAP is beautiful song that people of this country is enjoying the most.

Lakshmi M Das

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