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Lok Pal Bill is implemented with an idea to control the corrupt practices in government system and to ensure that those who indulge in such activities get punished. The activities that are called corrupt practices are taking bribe, illegal way of generating income and misusing government office etc. The underlining motive of Lok Pal Bill is to restrict the 'evil' of corruption in governance.

This Bill has certainly raised the expectation of the people towards a corrupt free system in India. They got a hope that various public services provided by the government will be delivered in a fair way. But, how much bill will live up to its expectation, how much corruption it will contain, is too early to judge.

By Lok Pal Bill government is targeting a huge number of its offices. From Prime Minister to Group-D employee, all are covered under its purview. It has also strengthened hands of CBI for more effective investigations.

Mechanism which is put under this Act is to have Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayuktas at the States. This will ensure uniformity in vigilance and anti corruption measure both at the Centre and State Level.

The ACT has clearly defined time lines in each stage of inquiry i.e. preliminary enquiry, investigation and actual trail. This is to avoid the lacuna of 'Justice delayed is Justice denied'. Punishment are strict and a good reminder for any to think before indulging in malpractices.

These comprehensive measures have given credibility to the Lok Pal Bill and given good reasons to the people to believe in it.

But, today India is ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Despite measures taken in past to prevent corruption e.g. setting up of CVC, CBI etc, India has not improved on corruption index. This gives birth to skepticism will the recently passed Lok Pal Bill end Corruption in India? Can the illegal practices be corrected by one Bill?'

The weak legislative intent has raised questions on its implementation and effectiveness. The scope of Bill is very vast. It requires more human resource and advanced technology to cover the cumbersome and complex functioning of various government departments. There are still many government offices especially in rural areas where computer is yet to reach. Vigilance of such departments requires innovative methods.

Training of human resource is certainly going to be key attribute in its better utilization while implementing anti-corruption road maps. Well trained and technologically equipped CBI and Forensic experts will make the difference in time bound investigation processes. The onus is on its effectiveness that totally depends on the measures of its implementation.

However, apart from these skepticisms it is true that Lok Pal Bill was much needed. It is a beginning of a change, an initiative to deter the plague of corruption in India. Although the process might be slow but with effective enforcement of this bill, it will be no wonder to achieve a corruption free India.

Ajeet Singh

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