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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

In today's world and environment youth is more active on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc then on ground. They exchange their views and pass the ideas through these social networking sites. These sites are like virtual bondage between people. One follows the other personality. People are getting affected as well as are in touch with the current social, economical conditions of the world. These sites has both its advantages as well as disadvantages-

Let's first see the bad part of it. What is happening is that people are misguided with fake videos and snaps because these goes viral ones they are on such sites. Like in Delhi Lok Sabha elections polls were shown which were not even near about the actual condition as there was no idea of such a lead by newly formed Aam Aadmi Party. Also there are lots of fake Id's running out on these websites which is totally rubbish and waste of time for one interacting with that id user. These sites also flashes very attractive ads many of which are just a trap to reveal one's security or personal details to hack and some are malware. Children of about 12 to 16 years old find these sites quite attractive and most of them totally waste their time in over chatting, over playing online games etc. As in cities like Delhi, Mumbai we got to know about many cases of Bank account hacking and some people also went through love making which was known as fraud later.

The good thing is that these social networking websites has made the whole world compact one could chat or video conference with his family member whatever is the distance at 24 hours. Even as we often listen in the news that "missing family member found on Facebook". We could follow our ideal and learn from great personalities on these social sites. In this world everything is based on networking our office work in which one rank is connected to other, our democracy as Panchayat polls, Vidhan Sabha polls then Lok Sabha polls are there even from our birth in families as one become father then grandfather and chain continues. Every kind of business also constitutes a network there are employees associated with each other of different designations. One type of group or community could share their thoughts and make plans at one place even without going out of their homes. We could endorse our product and sell it by giving genuine ads and details. Nowadays, there is also a trend of online shopping just on one click and the product reaches at our homes. There are different applications and games found useful for the teenagers from educational point of view. Applications are there from which we could pay our bills and transfer money. We also remain in touch with the current news and come to know about different policies of government.

It all depends on use of these social networking sites that what we want to grasp from it either good or bad. Children should be in proper guidance while using such sites. Passwords should not be shared with anyone and also change time to time. One should only spend quality time on such sites and should not be waste by doing useless chatting.

Yaksh Kumar