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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Network, a word that emerged in the late 20th century and soon became the one of the most used word of one's life but who knew its one partner social, much familiar from ancient time, was yet to merge with it and this combination of old and new was going to change the world.

This is yet a topic of debate that it changed the world more in positive way or negative. Actually nothing is absolute correct or wrong, every coin has its two side it depends on us which side we see, same theory applies for social networking. We all are using it right now at the time of reading this article, before reading this and will use after also.

A network work as a bond but bond between whom, bond between truthness to fake or bond between fake to fake.

But when we talk about social network all these possibilities occur with same chance one may analyze it as an advantage and one may as disadvantage

A full book can be written on advantages and disadvantages of social networking but in short i would like to go through all the point.

We start with a positive approach and first talk about its advantages-

The most common and well known is connection between people, it has reduced the distance between people and has helped them to share their feeling with others. A boon for persons living far away from their friends and family. But now it is not only limited to individuals, its impact and effect are worldwide and it is proved in recent year.

Whether it was revolution in Egypt, protest in Hongkong, election in India, campaign in Dellhi, Mumbai and in other parts after many sad or horrible acts it has played a crucial role. It has given people a medium to connect, to raise their voice and to support others voice without any fear. It is creating an optimistic environment.

It is now also been used as a marketing tool and earning tool. Companies are creating their plans and strategy keeping it in the mind. For many people it is also a place for earning, they blog, they online work for others and get their livelihood.

It has created a virtual world and where people live a second life and it has its own virtue and drawbacks but here i will spot the light on its virtue.

In this virtual world people are doing the things that they can't do in real world like for a person facing trouble and stress can go create its image as its want and it helps in improving mental condition. They can share their anger against someone without showing their identity it looks like a bad thing but many psychiatrist take it as a good sign.

It has many advantages but even then we can't ignore its disadvantages-

Social networking has put one's privacy on stake. Peoples data are not safe, their private information can be stolen and misused as it has happens in many case of bank account hacking or stealing of personal data.

Latest accident comes in mind is Hacking of Sony company and forcing it to not release a movie or the threat given to families of Americans soldiers family from IS after that they removed all their information from social sites.

These incidents shows how danger it is. But it become worse when it comes to any individual , that we call cyber bullying , and especially to girls.

Sometimes people steal one's private data and make it public and we all know then what happens in most of the cases girls are broken from inside they loose their strength to face the society. These types of things are making the society maim.

Many terrorist group use social network to spread their propaganda, to diverge innocents from right path as it is happening now a days and many are joining such type of groups.

To lure people to make them fool is always in vogue. Many people fall in love without knowing each other's reality and at last it just gives them trouble.
I think many of its disadvantages can be removed if we start to aware people about it and to help those who are victims.
It's true that no matter how many drawbacks are in it but now we cannot leave it so what we can do is to improve it to see its brighter side and try to end its dark side. If we use it in a right manner it can make our world happier and beautiful.

Prafull Bajpai

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