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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Robert Kerrigan says "The way of the world is meeting people through other people" .In the tampering world ,the people don't have the time for their families and friends ,so it is highlighted to think how they meet the friends and also colleagues and simultaneously ,if someone stays so far with each other. In the world of globalization, the interaction between persons is faster than the speed of sound .The technique who fulfill this, is named as internet and also it provides so many mediums, called as Social Networking Site. As with the above description, it seems as a lot of advantage, on the contrary, the technique has been misused too.

There is a myriad of Social networking site for instance Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, etc. Through these, the common lineament is that the person can interact with others related of voice calls, video chats and through text messaging. This make the people to communicate in easier way without worrying about distances between them .In other respect, if someone has job opportunities from other country, through these facilities they can show their talents in front of interviewer.

The Social Sites are used for the advertisement purpose too as many youths are connected with this. So, the entrepreneur wants to publish their product with their exciting offer through these sites. As, it is clearly visible at the corner or side layer of the web page. So this saves lot of money of the company and also it is the best way for charlatans. In the month of January 02015, since the Election in Delhi will be held on February, the chief Electoral officer of Delhi through Facebook has given facilities to search the name of voters in the database list.

In the gambit of the NAMO, "Digital India" Mark Zukerberg ,Facebook co-founder came to India to participate on following scheme. A lot of politicians as well as other eminent persons have their Facebook account. It is not false to say the number of Facebook account is more than the bank account in India. Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planned related with scheme or policy to publish on social sites so that the youth can interact faster than other source which is a main motto of the government. The other site Twitter has also deployed in Indian's mind and the Actor/Actress, politicians or businessmen,they make their commitment or statement through this site and also we can say that this is one of the source of news for the Media. Through these sites, the person can meet lot of people and also such type of people that he/she has not seen from yesteryear.

Notwithstanding the above attractive features, there has a lot of disadvantage of these Social Networking Site. In December 2014, since ISIS has been deployed nearly all countries including India too. The embryonic person interacts with other persons through facebook to join ISIS for Jihad. Four person went from Mumbai and last month, one person was arrested in Banglore who is an engineer. This exemplifies to attract someone or to make group for some unauthorized activities. There was news that a doctor who made FB account and through this they spread the word of Jihad and encourage people to join ISIS. In other respect, the social site makes bad impression on the children. As there are lots of fake accounts and also with these accounts, unsocial images are attached with it. In other case, some people on facebook they don't use their original picture, through this tactics they use in a wrong way, either they make a close friend and later ask for some money or they wrongly showoff to opposite sex.

The aftermath of the social networking sites have its advantages and disadvantages, only depends on the individuals how they use of it. An American Politician, Mike Fitzpatrick says "Social networking site like Myspace, Friendster and Facebook have literally exploded in popularity in just a few short of year". We have to make paragon and also help the government together to come forward.

Nishant Kumar

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