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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Every coin has two sides; social networking sites are no exception to this fact. People find networking sites more on a positive side. But let me underline the fact that those people are optimistic ones. Therefore, giving it a thought imagining the World without networking sites is impossible because it's the present and future of our life. Let us explore dual sides of the networking sites.

There are very few flaws in comparison to the advantages. And the disadvantages can be very much controlled; hence sites like Facebook are banned in most Arab countries and China. Adding to that countries like Egypt, Libya have felt the heat and the intensity of the social networking sites as it does the job of passing a message to thousands of people within a second which led to the occurrence of Arab spring. Social networking is a platform provided to people to connect with the outer world in a precise way. You just type a statement and within a fraction of seconds the whole world can view it. It contradicts the quote 'Action speaks louder than words.'

Networking itself speaks for itself. The purpose of these sites is to provide a platform for people to network and have a convenient connection. For instance in our parents time it was such a difficult task to keep a school reunion, not any more. On the contrary in today's world you can just send a message to a group of ten to hundred or even thousands they will receive it within a moment. And then your priority of informing people is taken care of. We know for the matter of fact that we are in touch with majority of our school and college friends because of the help of social networking sites.

This is just a tip of an iceberg. There are several other things social networking has changed in our life. As we are aware that the most important pillar of economy of a nation is the national income generated through business of any product and services, this business increases ten folds when it comes online on the internet these social networking sites have given a platform for advertising the products and the services along with marketing the same to the masses directly or indirectly. This is vice-versa helpful to the customer because a customer is aware of the product and can easily browse through the reviews of it which are provided by the other users, Good thing about it is companies can't but an opinion of their users which in a way will help him to make his choice more efficiently. So the business and customer satisfaction goes hand in hand on social networking sites.

Another significant thing the social networking sites have done is that it has eradicated the borders of a country and made the whole world one nation. It has efficiently done the job of putting the whole world under one umbrella.

There are certain drawbacks when it comes to networking sites. As we know an individual can get in touch with anyone in the world, there are morally corrupt and mentally unsound people too who look at networking sites as a tool to promote their malicious and unpleasant business of Harlotry, by getting in touch with individuals, recruiting people for terrorism and anti-state groups. We cannot disagree that this circumstances are unavoidable in today's time. Imagine an individual if confused and filled with revenge and vendetta he can be vulnerable therefore convincing or influencing him will be an easy job. This same strategy is implemented by the ISIS group.

We can conclude by saying that there is no disadvantage of said networking sites as such but handful people are responsible for giving it a negative side. But overall networking sites have served as a boon to the all segments of our life and changed the world.

Harshavardhan Ranshevre

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