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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Social networking sites, a digital world which has its netizens around almost each and every corner on this planet earth. People of only those areas are still to be registered as netizen of social networking sites where internet hasn't reached because of any reason which may be under-development of that area or logistical or technical difficulty to provide internet service in some particular areas. Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc are examples of this new world.

This new world of social networking sites has affected almost all dimension of our daily life. It has both advantageous and disadvantageous effect in our daily and social life.

In good aspects this new world has brought our fellows reachable to us at the click on fingers. With the help of this very new digital world we are able to find our long lost friends and connect with them virtually if not face to face. How pleasant it feel when you meet your high school friend after year whom you have been missing since the day you both changed your college and went untraceable for each other is unexplainable. You feel gracious when you find someone who is your ideal and helped, encouraged and energized you to reach a position where you are being recognized and living a comfortable life.

Not only this world help you to meet you with your loved one whom you lost contact with, but it also help you to organize and assemble you with the people of same philosophy and help you to fight for a cause for society, for betterment of society, to fight against social evils and spread our messages to everyone. We all remember the help catered by these social networking sites during "Anna ANDOLAN" in 2011 and make it successful to a great extent. It was the social networking sites which helped a lot in spreading the message of "Anna" and united us to fight against corruption smashing in our public institutions, among our representative whom we elect for our well being and they start doing their own well being though rampant corruption. These sites also help us to know what is happening around the world right away. Almost all mass media has its representation on social networking sites and it helps them to cater their services to netizens any time and spread it person to person. There are thousands of people who are earning their bread and butter in this world through various activities like advertising, etc.

We also can't deny the fact that if this new world has various positive effects on our life it is not free of bad evils or disadvantages for our society. It is the rule of universe that where there is good things there must is bad things.

Social networking sites are harming us in various ways. The way it helps us to spread our humanitarian messages the same way it help miscreants to spread evil among society. There is a section in society which is making world bad place to leave peacefully through their activity like terrorism, pornography, and other violent social evils. These activities are being spread rapidly using these social networking sites and making people living uncomfortable and afraid at every moment. Children are being exposed to pornography at very tender age through various social networking sites. Dedicated social sites are being created just to spread pornography and they don't have any criteria for who can explore these sites. Terrorist and militant groups are active on social sites and spreading delusory messages among our youth generation and misleading them to violent path. We have seen that few of our fellow citizens have joined ISIS after they were influence with their deceptive ideas. These networking sites have also harmed us physically as we all are able to connect with someone whom we want through these sites and avoid meeting our loved one face to face which is somehow not good for our social responsibility and values. The entire generation spend most of the time on social networking sites exploring their area of interest and getting physically inactive and exposing to various health issue.

Though we can't deny good and bad effect of these sites the life of ours has become dependent of this new digital world and living beyond this new world is not impossible but very hard.

Mani Kant Jha

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