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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction: Today world is a mingle of different countries which must be connected by some media to share their ideas, information, thoughts, called Network in which Facebook, Twitter, What's App, Orkut as well as Email, Skype are playing main key role.

Good advantages: Now a day's every website is using social networking sites to be linked, liked, followed them because of most of the youth, children, elders are logging into these social networking sites like Facebook, twitter. Electronic media, print media also using Facebook to share their ideas, get opinion poll. Social Networking sites are hubs to discuss contemporary issues. Actors, politicians, Authors, Noble persons, Scientist etc. are having login id's to give comments on any provisional, political, social, religion, technical issues. So many people will read comments and posts their opinions. Now a days world leaders also having Facebook, Twitter id's to condemn situations, share their condolence as recently occurred situations like Peshawar massacre, Charlie Hebdo shooting, Sidney seize. When we hadn't these social networking sites, instantly we didn't know what was happening in our surroundings? .Situation take prolongs to bring into the light. Technical Student finds others who don't know, to take part in their education, research and development in anywhere through Facebook. Popular rating channels like BBC, CNN-IBN, Head Lines Today, New X, NDTV also updating their news to Facebook, Twitter and return asks comments of common man that would be taken responsibility in contemporary issues. Mass media makes people to be pragmatist, writer and commentator. People should feel that we have right to talk that will lead to asks questions against odds. Any suspicious video, images, Documents which are related to bribe, murder, national threat can be uploaded if any helpless action from police. Entire world can see what have been uploaded. Recently one movie which caught my attention is tells us how to use the Facebook for developing ourselves, Employment, group work. These networks minimize the distance between peoples, relations over the countries and continents. Multinational companies interviewing the people through the video calling from the long distances. Sometimes TV channels offers to share their opinion through Facebook, Skype. These sites not specifically designed for certain cast, religions, countries, continents which means any one can use this site. Man can express anything what he want to say with help of social networking services. A business deal between India and Facebook is to increase users of internet and internet literacy with budget 21 thousands crores. The aim of Facebook in India is to reach internet speciality for 2.5 lakh villages with help of Drones with Wi-Fi-Hotspot which can receive signals from satellites and pass easily to the mobiles and computer from the sky without towers. Facebook helps to introduce the advanced Technology in India.

Disadvantages: Time spending of people increasing day by day. According to current statics Facebook users spends 700 minutes per month on Facebook. Five New profiles are created every second. Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 Minutes. Twitter User average over 1 lakh tweets per minute. Try to use for gaining knowledge, not for spoiling ourselves. Some popup messages about fake advertisement, betting are attracting and malfunctioning the people. Recently terrorists also using the social networking sites to attract the people, planning and executing operation, comments on religion, controversial issues of countries. Terrorist organisations are planning to get the military secrets from the officers using fake Female user id of Facebook. Some people uses their user id's for defaming others. Especially young girl's suicide scandal about creating Facebook user id with another name, projected as "call girls", nude girls by displaying the phone numbers. Most of the terrorists are hacking the Government official sites. American military site has been hacked and written "We will see your end" by the terrorists. So what we need to know that social networking sites are not permitted certain one so any one can use, change and deactivate it. Privacy is bringing into light by varlet. Still someone not ready to have user id's, because of these situations. Theology issues are written in Facebook to enlighten their community and defaming the other communities which will cause of clash of religions.

Conclusion: Although social networking sites are malfunctioning the people, there is a lot of goodness. Government should take the responsibility to enhance good usage of social networking site. Give them guide lines how to use the Facebook in proper way. The possibilities of iniquitous of people should be eliminated. Healthy environment should be imprinted in social networking sites. Conclusion can be satisfied if the founders of social networking sites are willing to change.

Rajendraprasad Medepalli

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