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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction: Social Networking is the growing trend since some years. It brings many people under the same roof such that they communicate with each other for different purpose. Even Social Networking site has a big contribution in increasing internet penetration in all over the world. With growing trend these networking site has many advantages and disadvantage. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln have high influence but it is also true that every day many new websites are growing with the intention of providing better communication.

Advantages: These sites have many advantages. Through these websites can make us connect with the people we connected in the past. It does not matter where they are living but it is possible to connect with them with the help of these sites. We can easily find many people of same interest such that it is easy to discuss about the particular thing. For example: suppose someone is preparing for an exam then he can find people who are preparing for the same exam. These can be used for entertainment purpose to get some relief from work and the most important thing is that it is free of cost if the charge of internet using is not considered. Some sites like Linkedln allow connecting with the Manager working in the high level company. It creates account like it is creating only Curriculum Vitae such that some company can recruit anyone for the available position in their company. These sites are the best way to spread a message towards million of people in few seconds and that too in free of cost. It is easy to aware of every hot things happening in the world. Ultimately it increases knowledge about every possible thing related to our life. If someone is starting online business then these sites are of great help to promote the website of the business. These days Government, NGO etc are also taking help of these sites to spread awareness about any scheme or policy among people.

Disadvantages: With having many advantages, the social networking sites have disadvantages too. Black Hat hackers use these sites for hacking individual account or to spread worm or Trojan among millions of people to attack their system directly or indirectly. Social networking sites have great contribution in the distraction of people's mindset. People in their work get distraction because of these sites. Every notification come out from these sites make people sign-in to the sites again and again to know the reaction of other people for their action. In fact now a day's small kids also seem to be busy with these sites which badly affect on studies so lead to poor academic result. Instead of reading newspaper most of the students start their day with networking sites like Facebook etc. Although these websites allow increasing knowledge about many things happening on the world but majority of the people get busy in chatting with known or unknown people whom has very small or no contribution to make growth in someone's life. If someone loss their account details the hacker use those privacy to exploit the person and in social networking site any news can be spread to millions of men in just a matter of seconds. So it is damn risky to loss or share username and password.

Conclusion: As social networking sites have both advantages and disadvantages, founder of these sites should launch some policy such that no disadvantages come out of the using these sites. These days terrorists are also using social networking sites to have conversation with their members from different region of the world about their next planning of attacking. So to avoid it government with the founder of those sites should take strict action such that no planning about illegal activities is done. All the social networking should have the main intention of providing better knowledge such that it can bring a new revolution in the world.

Dipankar Choudhury

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