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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

A man, long looking for job, submitted his biodata to a recruitment manager in a company and got job. The point to be noted here is that the whole process was done on online on Linkedin, a social networking site. The man, from India, got job in Dubai- the power of social networking sites.

Human being is a social animal. Social connectivity is essential in our lives. In this 21st century, the age of computing, where everything has been transformed with the touch of computers, connectivity has also undergone a sea change. The physical and psychological gap between people have been rendered to minuscule with the blessing of networking. Now we have various websites which provide us the facility to connect with other people throughout the world 24*7 and without any fee.Only thing is that we have to use internet.They are called social networking sites.Advent of these have changed our life.

Facebook,Googleplus,Twitter,Linkedin are names of very famous social networking sites.In addition to those, there are many more social networking sites through which people of similar interest and taste can connect and come together virtually.It has replaced letters and telegrams as means to contact.They provide wonderful way to keep in touch not only with current friend families but also long lost friends.We can make new friends also,and that too worldwide.People can upload personal information's, pictures to share with their friends.Friends can also convey their support by liking comments or pictures or status. Be it story book lovers, job aspirant and HR, technocrats, movie buffer, study groups, all can be in touch.

Political parties, educational institutions, newspapers, police all have handles or accounts in these sites to 'e-connect' with people. Aam Admi Party created much hype in the Facebook before Delhi Assembly elections. People can organise events and can attract attention to any important issues. Social media is now an important avenue to express and create mass views. Our fundamental right, freedom of expression, got huge boost with these social networking sites. From uproar about VC issue in Jadavpur University to Nirbhaya issue in woman security ,from climate change issues to mars orbital mission,from icebucket challenge to simple gossip, people use these sites for all of these multifarious purposes.Our honourable prime minister and other world leaders use twitter to connect with people.

The real time information sharing has helped to reduce adverse effects of many natural calamity.They also provide opportunity to play games,to chat,to advertise and also to find our soul mate.People are getting high paid job in these companies.The spectrum of these sites provide immense advantages which are continuously being harnessed by the people throughout the world.

But the moon too has a spot so to speak.The dangers of social networking sites are looming large.Main issues are Govt. inflicted harassment,spread of radicalising thougts,cyberbullying,privacy hijack,psychological complex etc.

Prof Ambikash Mahapatro got harassed for merely forwarding a caricature on West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee.2 Women were arrested for protesting strike after Bal Thakre's death in Maharashtra.

Many terror groups like ISIS are also using these social sites to recruit people.Mehdi from Bangalore fell prey to it.Cyberbullying is taking a toll especially on children.Addiction to chatting and gaming is affecting students study.The trap of social sites are affecting the budding generation mostly.

Miscreants and hackers are using personal information uploaded by people to harass them.Fake ids have become a common nuisance.Celebrity as well as common people are vulnerable to privacy threats.

Excessive social networking affects psychology also.Number of likes in uploaded picture becomes matter of pride and reverse situation brings an inferiority complex.Face to face meeting have reduced also thus affecting our social life.Many people are committing suicide failing to cope up with psychological issues.Pornographic activities are being propelled by these sites.Govt. is also using its authoritarian propaganda to compel the sites to hand over data in the name of protecting security which may become a tool to disseminate any protest in a valid reason also.

Many nation and India also have resorted to blocking sites to avoid these problems.Recently India blocked many sites which created furore.But this mode of action may not be effective.Any tool is rendered nature by its usage.It is the people who render a service useful or disgraceful.Undoubtedly we need monitoring on cyber space and cyber laws in this respect are being implemented also. But the issue needs further care.People need to be aware about proper guidelines to use social networking site stop reap its maximum benefits.

Careful guidelines are the need of the day to convert the disadvantages to advantages.Parents can teach their children.People need to opt for certain securities like minimum sharing of personal data on net, keeping minimum contact with unknown persons, scheduling time to be on in social sites and not to waste time on it.Ultimately the values of people need to be guided to enable them to use the social sites properly.

Pallabi Chakraborty

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