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Social Networking Site: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Before discussing the pros and cons of social networking, let us understand what the scope service provides global world. In present context, the social networking site covers the all social affairs of human life including the personal like matrimonial sites, societal and global like twitter and Facebook. Even in stage of technological advancement and developmental trend, it has reached to a level of political, moral, cultural, liberal and as well as constitutional. The present Prime Minister MR. NARENDRA MODI not only adopted use of twitter for his political campaign but also flourished it to the personal extent through sharing his personal thought even coming from his heart. As far as the balancing of village-urban is concerned, the argument in which our present union minister Smt. Smriti Irani told that vernacular language, if used in its use, then it could push up national GDP at certain growth level, if the popular comments from the public for a would have been heeded then most person thought that this is rubbish comment presented by a 10th pass minister. However, went to deepen sense of argument in relation to the policy making analytics, then it would outstanding move to further this events as it would generate a possible agricultural growth as well as rural entrepreneurship up to more significance. Similarly, if looked at present advantage and disadvantage of it, then it provided the platform express their emotional as well as spiritual thought to repose and be freed of it. It also contributes to the development of popular-network by connecting them to each other and making a space for rational and virtual debate on public policy through robust informal information exchange. Section of 66 of IT act is already in controversy regarding to secure freedom of expression of individuals. Apart from above, the social networking site might generate public opinion in context of election and influence their ideas about who to vote and whom not to vote. Thus, it have been emerged as the not only as public, social but also international forum for peoples as youth are the highest users of this service, who are the energising energy for national development and growth. In fact, google+, twitter, among others are sites which is supposed to have made significant intonation impact of such informal space. But if disadvantage of this interspace is concerned, then it, nowadays, created a drastic hazard of cyber terrors and cyber-attack on personal account of citizen which not only expected to would create a global threat , but proposed develop a thoroughfare to come out this situation a need to world level. Others disadvantage of this interface, is youth wasting their most of time in ridiculous chatting and consequently squandering the demographic dividend of countries ,especially India where most users who are youth found to be wasting their time in unproductive tete-tete. Besides, the radicalisation of youth as in case of Bangalore ITian and others also is significant threat to the policy maker to deal with. Moreover, the cyber-attack on information relating to nuclear potential of country, which is now India most important takeaway, is apprehensive enough to worry about. Although, despite of so much disadvantage is a wider scope to connect youth and others throughout village –urban, national-international, as well as midst different ideologue of different creed, thus prompting to liberal opinion on important matters of personal life, experience and thoughts in society ,eventually rectification of stereotype generated in previous time. On my opinion concerned to operation of social networking sites, I should tell it that it is the best to flourish it among peoples, with imposing proper restriction on it through proper feasibility analysis of its impact. Recently, our prime minister, Narendra Modi, contented to support from the Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella for proliferation of digital literacy in India as most of Indian farmers and rural entrepreneurs and rural youth, who are illiterate due to any reason, could not deprive from the development of their living condition. Also , the Nadella commented on it that digital literacy is more favourable and beneficial than textual literacy for present youth, irrespective of whether he belong to rural region or urban region .

Sumit Kumar Kawde

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