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The Indian Civil Service serves as the backbone of India and carries great respect and responsibilities. India's best brains vie for entry into the Indian Civil Services as officers. Even though corporate jobs may offer the best of salaries and perks, a majority of youngsters and their parents still crave entry to the prestigious Indian Civil Services held by the UPSC. The very fact that a big share of every year's top posts in the civil services exams are bagged by professionals from various streams, shows that the IAS is still the dream job for many. Here is the Civil List links you would like to follow.

Current Affairs

Election News

Election News

Film News

Film News
Top IAS Coaching
Success IAS Academy

SHANKAR IAS Classiciasacademy

About Civil Services

Application Procedure
Eligibility for Civil Services
Job Prospects and Remuneration
Civil Services FAQ
Cut-Off Marks
UPSC New Pattern
UPSC chief gives IAS/IPS tips
How to Cope with Stress of Civil Services Exam
How to fill the UPSC Application Form
Time Management
How To Prepare For Prelims
How to Prepare Notes
How to Write Answers
How to Read for the IAS
How To Choose Subject
IAS tips Videos

IAS Subject Resources

History for IAS IPS Exam
Sociology for IAS IPS Exam
Public Administration
Geography for IAS IPS Exam
Botany for IAS IPS Exam
Chemistry for IAS IPS Exam

UPSC Exam Syllabus

Mains Syllabus of Agriculture
Mains Syllabus of Pali
Mains Syllabus of Civil Engineering
Mains Syllabus of English
List of Mains Syllabus               more

Suggested Books for IAS

History for IAS IPS Exam
Geography for IAS IPS Exam
Geology for IAS IPS Exam
Management for IAS IPS Exam
Law for IAS IPS Exam

UPSC Question Papers

General Studies Questions
Electrical Engineering Question Papers
Psychology Question Papers
Public Administration,IAS Papers for UPSC Exams

Strategy for UPSC Exams

Medical Science
Download Free NCERT Books
Dates for IAS Exams 2013
Learn 'n' Earn

Study Together for IAS

Bangalore IAS Study Group
Hubli IAS Study Group
Study Together in Kolkata
Study Together in Chennai
Study Together in Muzaffarnagar                        more...

IAS Books Center

Buy Books for IAS
Sell Books for IAS
Donate Books for IAS
IAS Books Exchange           more

IAS Coaching Classes

Free IAS coaching in Chennai
IAS/IPS Coaching Classes Madurai
IAS Coaching Centre in Trichy
Free IAS Exam Coaching in Vellore
UGC Aid to Crack Civil Service Exam
International Current Affairs & Events
Indian Current Affairs News
Sports News & Current Affairs
Science And Technology News

Best IAS Coaching in India

IAS Coaching in Bangalore
IAS Coaching in Chennai
IAS Coaching in New Delhi
IAS Coaching in Mumbai
IAS Coaching in Hyderabad     more
Indian Administrative Service
India Foreign Service
Indian Police Service
Group A & B Services

Free UPSC Study Material

History UPSC Study Material
Free Law Study material/notes
Free Sociology Study Material
Biotechnology Study Material
Free History Tuition

Stay Motivated

The Civilservice exams conducted by UPSC which is also referred to as the IAS exam is one of the toughest UPSC exams to be conducted, and to stay motivated for the UPSC civil services exam is very important. You must focus on the goal of becoming an IAS officer. Also you must set your target time of getting through the IAS exam and join the IAS in the current year. So if you fill the form for IAS 2011 in the year 2010 you must keep it in your mind that you have to make it to IAS 2011 batch, even at the moment you see the UPSC 2010 notification. The IAS exam by UPSC needs utmost dedication and clarity of comittment towards the exam. You must become familiar with the UPSC exam syllabus at the time of filling up your form or even before that, so that as soon as you see the UPSC exam schedule your own schedule for studies is ready and implemented immediately. The worst thing to do is to wait for the UPSC results of the prelims exam to start preprations for the mains. Your IAS prepration has to be continuous. Solving the old UPSC question papers is a must, but not an end in itself.
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