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Should the central government bring petrol taxation under GST ?
  Yes. This move helps in easing the rising prices of retail fuel. 54.84 % (17)
  It is a complex political and economic situation. 29.03 % (9)
  No. It will reduce the revenues for the government. 12.90 % (4)
  It will be also benefit oil marketing companies. 3.23 % (1)
Total votes: 31

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Sudhir Mishra - 04/06/2018 15:56
levying taxes on the petroleum products is the easiest way for the govt to fill the revenue. But the saddest part is that increased the excise duty on these products by more than 300 per cent in just 3 years
Shankar Menon - 04/06/2018 15:54
The government will have to take a huge hit on its revenues which could impact on various schemes and infrastructure

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