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Poor Dam management is the reason behind Kerala floods ?
  Yes. None of the dams are managed using a scientific decision support system. 65.62 % (21)
  Worst rains and floods are often are unpredictable. 21.88 % (7)
  No. Poor forecasting of the rain is the reason. 6.25 % (2)
  Rains in hilly regions can create floods within 25 minutes and in an hour. 6.25 % (2)
Total votes: 32

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VK Shastri - 27/08/2018 09:56
Over the last 50 years, monsoon rain over Kerala has been decreasing, but this one is shocking and deadly
Shanti Purnima - 27/08/2018 09:53
We must realise, dams aren't control by Central government, but managed by States. Most the states are concerned most about the their own personal requirements such as, hydro-power, etc. In such cases, disaster is the resutl

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