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Should Mr. Modi be elected as the next Prime Minister?
  Yes. He focusses on youth empowerment, fighting corruption. 67.11 % (51)
  No. Issues like weak economy, bad loans, lack of jobs are not solved. 25.00 % (19)
  He has not resolved the agricultural crisis which is causing unrest in rural India. 5.26 % (4)
  Liberals and the religious minorities are targeted in BJP govt. 2.63 % (2)
Total votes: 76

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Sameer - 13/02/2019 09:52
Mr Modi has miserably failed to increase rural people's income levels. Most of the time, he is cares about his image and now his image is fully dependent on the politics of identity-based on fake growth statistics and demonisation of religious minorities to stay in power.
Satish Chavan - 13/02/2019 09:50
Modi has transformed of his revolutionary ideas into a strong reality offering great benefits to the country.

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