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Are election speeches of political leaders wilfully crossing the line set by the model code?
  Yes. Every politician crosses their limits during election campaigns. 50.00 % (33)
  Some politicians cannot be controlled. 24.24 % (16)
  Election Commission could raise questions on many incidents. 16.67 % (11)
  It is always an impossible task for the Election Commission. 9.09 % (6)
Total votes: 66

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Kumaresan - 15/04/2019 10:36
From an upcoming movie about Modi’s life to government appointees making openly partisan statements to the Odisha election commission applying different standards to Central and state welfare schemes, the concerns have been numerous and quite varied.
Vijay Parshar - 15/04/2019 10:36
One must observe that when Narendra Modi addressed the nation about a successful anti-satellite test, prompting many questions about whether a speech that did not seem entirely necessary was appropriate with elections just around the corner.

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