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Are people comfortable by politicians bringing religion into election campaigns ?
  Politicians use religion to divide the people. 39.29 % (22)
  It is difficult to separate religion from society. 26.79 % (15)
  Yes, some sections of the society agree to bring religion into elections. 21.43 % (12)
  No, people are against politicians dragging religion during election campaigns. 12.50 % (7)
Total votes: 56

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Dinesh - 29/04/2019 22:47
Politicians are using religion to increase their vote banks. And by the polition our religion and people's are going to devide with each an other & anyone are being enimy to each an other. And also by politician to take our cast and religion every person are doing murder... It should not be do... I will give the vote to AAP. BUT I Request to all parties that Please do not fight against the religion that you please do so that there is peace in any family, and instead of becoming the enemy of each other, instead of becoming friends of each other, peace and prosperity remained in everyone's house and people Love big together ...
Rajaraja - 29/04/2019 12:01
People are psychologically attracted to the religion in India....
Deepika - 29/04/2019 12:01
Politicians are using religion to increase their vote banks.
Ishrat Akhter - 29/04/2019 11:57
Its been obvious for a long time. Still people fall for that., its amazing!

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