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Is India's stand on the Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016, correct?
  A) Yes India has the right to make its own laws 69.64 % (39)
  C) Since J&K is disputed territory, Pakistans objection is correct 14.29 % (8)
  D) Only an arbitrator like UN can sort out this matter 8.93 % (5)
  B) Pakistan's objection on this issue is untenable 7.14 % (4)
Total votes: 56

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Arjun - 11/06/2016 23:20
According to me that India is sovereign it can show it's definate territory or boundaries without the permission or concern of border sharing countries , india can show its despite territory or its map as it is on August 15 -1947,either it's gilgit baltistan which is known as POK or Azad kashmir according to Pakistan , I think we should not concern Pakistan,china to show our definate territory as It was on the day which India got independence,so geospatial regulation bill 2016 is good stand by India,proud to be an india

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