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UPSC Group Study in Amritsar

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IAS Coaching in Amritsar

Name: Aashish

Name: Abhinav Puri
Subjects:General studies sociology

Name: Preeti Kumari
Address: Amritsar Near Jarbansh Singh Kochi Cp 4
City: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 9914152457
Subjects: History, political science , Geography

Name: Parwinder
Address: Galileo Tiwarian, Lohgarh Gate Amritsar
City: Amritsar
State: Punjabi
Phone: 8147749741
E-Mail: kaurparwinderrajpoot@gmail. com
Subjects: GS and punjabi literature

Name: Radhika
Address: H.no5909/20 Gali No 13 Nawan Kot Amritsar
City: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 8195831874
E-Mail: sradhika92
Subjects: General studies

Name: Naveenjot
Address: Khalsa College
City: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 9872546036
E-Mail: naveenk408@gmail.com
Subjects: geography

Name: Yograj Singh
Address: Bachiwind,, Attari
City: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 9888448244
E-Mail: yograjsohal@live.com
Message: All gud
Subjects: gs , political science

Name: Jaspreet Singh
Address: Golden Avenue
City: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 9115071174
E-Mail: jsanand24@gmail.com
Message: Govt deptt
Subjects: PCS preparation

Name: Jaspal Singh
Address: Chawinda Devi
City: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 9914151646
E-Mail: jaspalkalsi2@gmail.com
Subjects: geography

Name: Amanpreet Singh
Address: Ropar
City: Ropar
State: Punjab
Phone: 9478554997
E-Mail: amanniku007@gmail.com
Subjects: Pcs preparation

Name: Jatinder Singh
Address: Greater Khailash ..32 B House No...batala
City: Batala
State: Punjab
Phone: 9855313670
E-Mail: jsinghgoraya14@gmail.com
Message: I want to improve my english with in limited time...bcz i have extra time for this subject...but this language is major problem in my study.....
Subjects: economy

Name: Charanjit Nanda
Address: Amritsar
City: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 8567848864
E-Mail: karannanda69@yahoo.in
Subjects: general studies

Address: Guru Amardas Avenue 16d Airport Road
City Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 9914657986
E-Mail: chhina_sandeep@yahoo.com
Subjects: History

Address: Hno 1145 Sharif Pura Rani Bazar
City Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 8146422557
E-Mail: ikshitaarora15@gmail.com
Message: hlo sir i m pursing btech in cse...interest civil serivces...need proper guidance
Subjects: indian history

Name: Kewal Singh
Address: Vpo Heir
City Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 8469747822
E-Mail: kewal.heir@yahoo.in
Subjects: genral studies

Name: Balraj Singh
Address: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Phone: 09405179130
E-Mail: bihalbalraj5@gmail.com
Subjects: public administration

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