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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

IAS Coaching in

Name: A W Alam
State:Uttar Pradesh
Subjects:Hindi literature

Name: Kundan Kr Pandey
Address: Rh Line Army Cantt Sadar Bazar
City: Jhansi
State: Up
Phone: 970854700y
E-Mail: k9431005858@gmail.com
Message: Preparing for upsc 2018
Subjects: history

Name: Amit Patel
Address: Shivaji Nagar Jhansi
City: Jhansi
State: Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 9889556381
E-Mail: amitkpatel442@gmail.com
Subjects: Economics

Name: Rohan Sahney
Address: Manik Chowk
City: Jhansi
State: Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 8543873855
E-Mail: sahney83@gmail.com
Subjects: history

Name: Sara
Address: Khati Baba 1807 Jhansi
City: Jhansi(u.p)
State: Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 919795568735
E-Mail: ssaraapets@gmail.com
Message: ias coaching
Subjects: upsc

Name: Abhishek Rao
Address: Kg 16 Police Line Near Ssp Office
City Jhansi
State: Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 9598166650
E-Mail: abhirao210@gmail.com
Subjects: history and geography

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