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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

IAS Coaching in

Name: Ankur Saxena
State:Uttar Pradesh
Subjects:Optional History

Name: sakshi
State:Uttar Pradesh
Subjects:all ias gs and medical optional

Name: shagun pandey
State:Uttar Pradesh
Subjects:sociology optional preparing for CSE two thousand eighteen residing near sector forty five noida

Name: Abhinav
Address: Noida
Phone: 9910846929
E-Mail: diret2abhinav01@gmail.com
Message: hi, i will be appearing for CS 2018. looking for serious civil services aspirants to study and discuss together.
Subjects: sociology optional

Name: Yash
Address: Trikuta Hills Apartemenst . Sector 62
City: Noida
State: Uttarpradesh
Phone: 8130791175
E-Mail: yashwaverman@yahoo.com
Message: I have started preparing UPSC
Subjects: IAS

Name: Ravish Kumar
Address: Sec115
City: Noida
State: Up
Phone: 7838267789
E-Mail: singhravish963@gmail.com
Subjects: Gk

Name: Avadhesh Kumar
Address: Noida Sector-58
City: Gautam Budh Nagar
State: Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 9711023581
E-Mail: akgfzd@gmail.com
Message: Hi, Please come all together......
Subjects: Law and GS

Name: Roona Kumari
Address: Villege Chauda
City: Noida Sector 22
State: Up
Phone: 9654303282
E-Mail: roona0210@gmail.com
Message: hello i just start preparation for Civil service examination through self study. because i am working so need a studious group
Subjects: zoology

Name: Ali Sher Shah
Address: Sec- 27
City Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 9560713848
E-Mail: universalbigheart@gmail.com
Message: Hello IAS 2015 Aspirants, i am also preparing for Ias-2015, I have collected good study materials and all the relevant information about the upcoming exam, I need Company of Serious and Studious Peoples. so if you are serious enough for IAS-2015 then please contact we all together with our collective efforts can make a huge difference....
Subjects: Law, Gs, Csat

Name: Arun Kumar Singh
Address: Noida Sec-62
City Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 9650997395
E-Mail: pksinghji511@gmail.com
Message: Hi m preparing for IAS serious abt CSE 2013... started my preperations along with my job... need study partner.
Subjects: Philoshopy and pub ad

Name: Gurpreet Bawa
Address: N30, Sector 12
City Noida
State: Up
Phone: 9910034347
E-Mail: writetogbawa@gmail.com
Subjects: Public Adm & Punjabi

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