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Whatsapp Group for Civil Service Aspirants

Telegram Group for Civil Service Aspirants

This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

Name: sandeep kumar
Subjects:general studies

Name: Atul Kumar
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Phone: 8864875093B
E-Mail: me.akumar11@rediffmail.com
Subjects: ececonomy

Name: Navneet Singh
Address: Palm Green Apartment Roorkee
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Phone: 9927858256
E-Mail: ace4navneet402@gmail.com
Subjects: general studies

Name: Gaurav
Address: Roorkee
City: Roorkee
State: Uk
E-Mail: gauravbisht101@gmail.com
Message: Serious aspirants only.
Subjects: Geology

Name: Vratul Sharma
Address: Quantum Global Campus
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Phone: 9634445350
E-Mail: vratulsharma014@gmail.com
Message: I am B.tech (cse) student.
Subjects: General Studies

Name: Vishnu Bhimarjun
Address: Room No. 431 Rkb Iit Roorkee
City: Roorkee
State: Uttrakhand
Phone: 7761803454
E-Mail: vsps2814@gmail.com
Subjects: Ethics

Name: Arun Giri
Address: Vill..rahmatpur(roorkee)
City: Roorkee
State: Uttrakhand
Phone: 8192905942
E-Mail: arungoswami94@gmail.com
Message: i..m a electrical eng..and i m working aarogyam near crystal world
Subjects: history

Name: Tajammul
Address: 167/3a, Purvavali Ganeshpur
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Phone: 08095284786
E-Mail: tajammul.hussain86@gmail.com
Message: History Optional
Subjects: General Studies

Name: Rohit Aryan
Address: Jwalapur Haridwar
City: Haridwar
State: Uk
Phone: 8869022523
E-Mail: rohit123_aryan@yahoo.co.in
Message: PRE Qualified

Name: Poonam
Address: Room No. C-119, Kasturba Bhawan, Iit Roorkee
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Phone: 9690784754
E-Mail: poonam.baswan859@gmail.com
Subjects: General Studies

Name: Aakanksha
Address: H.no.-296/3,solani Puram
City: Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Phone: 7060214505
E-Mail: aakanksha1786@ymail.com
Subjects: general studies

Name: Amol Singh
Address: Coer
City Roorkee
State: Uttrakhand
Phone: 7895059040
E-Mail: singhamol@ymail.com
Message: i have to study history from starting for ias pre and other competitive exams ..i m a english medium student n want to learn in english itself
Subjects: history

Name: S Prateek
Address: S-40, Cautley Bhawan Iit Roorkee
City Roorkee
State: Uttarakhand
Phone: 8439468179
E-Mail: sprateek01@gmail.com
Subjects: General Studies

Name: Avishek Dutt
Address: West Amber Talab Roorkee (u.k)
City Roorkee
State: U.k
Phone: 8868841730
E-Mail: avishekkumar263@gmail.com
Message: i.a.s
Subjects: geography

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