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UPSC Group Study in Surat

Looking For IAS Students near your home for Group Studies. Just Click Here to fill the Form ....

Whatsapp Group for Civil Service Aspirants

Telegram Group for Civil Service Aspirants

This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

Name: Vratik Upadhyay
Address: Tadwadi, Adajan
City: Surat
State: Gujarat
Phone: 9016963475
E-Mail: ultra_vratik@rocketmail.com
Message: Needed group for group studies!
Subjects: UPSC CSE

Name: Patel Dharti
Address: A-4,305 Navketan Park Udhna, Surat
City: Surat
State: Gujarat
Phone: 8487843814
E-Mail: pateldhruvn314@gmail.com
Subjects: gujarati literature

Name: Safin Hasan
Address: Svnit, Ichchhanath
City: Surat
State: Gujarat
Phone: 8866984486
E-Mail: h.safin74@gmail.com
Message: I am starting my preparation and want some senior to guide me.
Subjects: Beginner

Name: Dhruv Nayak
Address: Citylight
City Surat
State: Gujarat
Phone: 00919654412104
E-Mail: nayak909@hotmail.co.uk
Message: I currently living in Delhi & will be in surat from jan 2012 and would b great if anyone wants to get into touch for current affairs n related issues to UPSC studies ....Welcome
Subjects: History & Gujarati literature

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